iPhone 12 full power with A14 Bionic processor

Yesterday, Apple unveiled what will certainly be one of the killer features of the iPhone 12: the new A14 Bionic processor.

iPhone 12 full power with A14 Bionic

iPhone 12 will have an extraordinary processor on board. Apple has told all the details of the A14 Bionic, for now officially present only on the new iPad Air 2020. The bitten apple has not explicitly confirmed that it will be the SoC present on the next iPhone, but it is practically certain that it will be so: it would make no sense to launch a smartphone with the previous year’s processor. Here then are the key features of the new chip.

iPhone 12 full power with A14 Bionic

Made with a 5-nanometer production process (A13 Bionic reaches 7 nanometers), the new SoC promises to offer very high performance from every point of view. The processor is an ESA core, with the GPU having four cores instead. There has been no official mention of 5G support.

Of course, the new Neural Engine is not missing,  completely dedicated to operations related to artificial intelligence. From daily operations to gaming, passing through photography: the new A14 Bionic promises to offer users of the iPhone 12 with exceptional performance.

iPhone 12 full power with A14 Bionic

As anticipated, for the moment the new chip is officially on board the new iPad Air 2020. However, the idea of ​​having such a processor onboard “compact” devices such as smartphones is very tempting.

With A14 Bionic, Apple has taken a huge step forward: curiosity towards the iPhone 12 continues to increase. 

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