Huawei: ” Powered by HarmonyOS ” logo leaked

At the end of the HDC 2020, Huawei presented what will be the HarmonyOS logo that will accompany the brand’s smart devices and gadgets.

Huawei: '' Powered by HarmonyOS '' logo leaked

The new “ Powered by HarmonyOS ” logo has finally leaked; now we officially know what will be the symbol of the new operating system developed by Huawei.

HarmonyOS: We will see the logo everywhere

The Huawei Developer Conference 2020 has just ended; within it, the Chinese company has formalized its new software for mobile devices (and not only), stating that this will be used to power a long variety of devices.

Now, a leaked image shows us the logo that the company intends to use for its smartphones of the future when it will completely abandon Android AOSP in favor of its own firmware.

The photograph was published on Weibo by the user @ 勇气 数码 君 and shows us which devices will receive the software in question. If you notice, it looks very similar to the “Powered by Android” logo that you read when you start an Android phone.

Huawei: '' Powered by HarmonyOS '' logo leaked

The new symbol shows us the large number of products that will use HarmonyOS; watches, cars, laptops, smart speakers, smart TVs, tablets and smartphones … and more! These devices will in turn control other home automation devices developed by Huawei. We expect that the aforementioned logo will appear at each start of a particular gadget.

Huawei also already has some products that run the next-generation operating system; we think of Huawei Vision, a smart TV with Quantum Dot 4K display; in conjunction with that, the tech giant revealed that it will announce another HarmonyOS-based television on September 19 and will soon be available for purchase on a global scale. Furthermore, starting from next year, the first devices with HarmonyOS under the body will also be marketed, ready for large-scale use. It seems, according to various rumors, that the company is working with numerous partner companies such as Midea, to launch smart home phones that will work with the operating system.

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