Sony is currently working on Next-Generation VR headset

From what emerges on the web, it appears that Sony is currently looking for 15 professionals who will work on the company’s future VR headset.

Sony is currently working on Next-Generation VR headset
Image credit: Sony

Sony would be working on the development of a new VR headset, although from the leaked rumors, it may not be the future iteration of the PlayStation VR, but a completely new product.

Sony: the discovery resulting from a job advertisement

The giant Japanese technology is focusing its energies on the production of future PlayStation 5, the next-gen consoles as it prepares to challenge Xbox X Series. According to a recent report, the company has just released a statement indicating that its team of experts is working on developing a new headset for Virtual Reality (VR). Literally, it mentions the following: “ next-generation head-mounted VR display ”. Unfortunately, the message does not mention the PlayStation brand, so there is no indication of support for the upcoming PS5 games.

Furthermore, from the information that emerged from the Sony press release, it is also clear that the company is looking for new staff for the project; specifically, there are 15 positions he is looking for. There is talk of professionals working on the mechanical design of the lens barrel of the optical system; there may also be a need for the personnel responsible for miniaturization and debugging, as well as designers to create an adequate system for heat dissipation, which is very important in the creation of a headset and which requires high-level skills and specialized technicians.

Finally, looking at the job advertisement advertised by Sony, it is evident that the research and development of this particular headset are still in its primordial stages. It should be noted that the job position comes directly from the headquarters of the Japanese company and not from SIE. 

The announcement, therefore, does not exclude the possibility that Sony is also developing a new VR headset to be brought to the market perhaps in the coming years together with a special version of PS5. At the moment, in fact, the company has stated that the current PS VR will have full compatibility with the fifth iteration of the next-gen console.

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