Google Assistant can now send audio messages for android users

With Google Assistant you can now send small and short audio voice notes to your friends and family without ever having to use your hands

Google Assistant can now send audio messages for android users

Google Assistant can now send audio messages to friends and family; this is what leaked from the latest update of the well-known software of the Mountain View giant, which is updated more and more, becoming an increasingly complete and integrated tool with IoT accessories.

Google Assistant: The best friend of laziness

In recent months, we have become even more dependent on online communication and web workflows, due to the distances we are forced to maintain to avoid CoVid-19 infections.

However, due to the enormous amount of time spent in front of the computer or tablet to work, it becomes difficult and “tiring” (pass the term) to type text messages from your smartphone; it is with this in mind that Google Assistant will now help us… literally.

The Bigg assistant will be able to send short audio messages, through an operation that can be controlled entirely by voice; maybe our hands are busy drawing up a project or – why not? – even in a hectic online COD Warzone game with your friends; just call GAssistant to send a short voice message to a relative or friend.

Until now the software has always been able to correctly transcribe voice messages into text but – let’s be honest – the result has not always been the best. There is also the possibility that our recipient cannot read the message from the screen (perhaps he is driving), so a small voice note can solve the problems for everyone.

Or maybe it’s all an excuse to justify our growing laziness, who knows!

The intent in your Call of Dut session… we meant, working online, you can just say “ Hey Google, send a voice message to Samantha” and then immediately: “I’m in an important company meeting, I’ll call you as soon as the meeting is over. “

All this happens without even lifting your eyes from the screen or lifting a finger to type. If you want to have a more engaging, real-time conversation, you can always ask the Google Assistant to start a video call with anyone.

The new voice note sending feature is now available globally but is currently primarily intended for English-speaking countries. That said, there is also support for Portuguese in Brazil and hopefully, more languages ​​will arrive soon.

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