BlackBerry brand is back: 5G keyboard phone coming soon

The management of the BlackBerry brand has just passed under the wing of OnwardMobility, which has stated that it will make a BlackBerry 5G product.

BlackBerry brand is back: 5G keyboard phone coming soon

BlackBerry is making a comeback and with a new smartphone equipped with a 5G modem that will pull the company out of the impasse it has ended up in previous years. This time, OnwardMobility will be the company that will take care of returning the company to the times when it was a reference point in the mobile sector.

BlackBerry 5G: will it return to the ancient glories?

After the agreement concluded with TCL in February of this year (a well-known company that produces Alcatel and Palm), it will now be up to OnwardMobility to make up the lost ground for a brand like BlackBerry; certainly not an easy challenge.

Until now, all the companies that have owned the brand have always adhered to the type of formula that has distinguished BlackBerry for years: physical keyboard, long battery life, and an eye towards productivity.

TCL has never been able to make a product that includes the 5G modem and it will be the new company to do so. The company is made up of mobile and business veterans who aim to create “ the most complete and secure device solutions around. Professionals are eager for reliable 5G products that enable productivity without sacrificing the user experience, ”said Peter Franklin, CEO of OnwardMobility in a statement.

BlackBerry smartphones are known for communication protection and data privacy. This is an incredible opportunity for the company to bring a 5G smartphone with a historical brand in tow.

The device itself will be quite large in terms of size; it will be based on Android, will have a physical keyboard and support for 5G connectivity. There will be a complementary software security suite, with secure workflow management, strong document encryption, and other features for business professionals who have loved RIM’s BlackBerry in the past.

Specifically, the design and construction of the phone will be entrusted to FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn, which will build the new BlackBerry device in North America for OnwardMobility. The company claims that:

FIH Mobile will design and manufacture BlackBerry devices according to strict guidelines to ensure component, device, and supply chain integrity.

We will have to wait until the first half of 2021 to see what the two companies come up with. Surely the idea of ​​a new Android phone with a built-in modem and physical keyboard will appeal to long-time customers, but will it win the hearts of new users, too accustomed to the completeness of Android and the convenience of iOS? 

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