Toyota RAV4 cousin on stage; Meet Suzuki Across

Suzuki Across, which will be presented in the European market, reflects the blessings of the partnership to the asphalt through the largest protected lines and engine.

Toyota RAV4 cousin on stage; Meet Suzuki Across

Suzuki, which has also realized its partnership with Toyota around alternative fuel technologies, is with the first European market-oriented model that came out of this partnership. Across the SUV class, the Across plug-in hybrid is being developed on the Toyota RAV4. Waiting to meet the End Users, the new Suzuki Across is basically developing on the RAV4, but also hosts minor changes in design. In this context, the model with a different front section, new LED headlights, a large front grille, and the brand’s unique rim designs come into play. In the cockpit, we see that the RAV4 dynamics are largely preserved. The only difference here is the steering wheel design, dashboard, and Suzuki logo. 

Toyota RAV4 cousin on stage; Meet Suzuki Across

First parts for Suzuki Across 

These changes on the basis of design continue under the hood without any change. In the hybrid combination of the 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and two electric motors, we expect a very satisfactory power rating of 302 horsepower. Across the battery section, there is a package with a capacity of 18.1 kWh. 

This means that an assertive range of up to 75 kilometers can be achieved in all-electric driving mode. Across, which has the potential to carry the user experience to the top point with its smart four-wheel-drive system, the sales process will become clear in the coming days. 

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