Microsoft discontinued Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition ahead of Series X launch

According to Microsoft, it seems that the company will soon stop production of the Xbox One X and One S All-Digital.

Microsoft  discontinued Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition ahead of Series X launch

According to what is learned online, it seems that Microsoft has decided to stop the production of the original Xbox One; with the next generation of consoles on the horizon, close to large-scale marketing, the Redmond giant would have decided to end the creation of the current Xbox One X and One S All Digital.

Microsoft: focus exclusively on the Xbox Series X

Obviously, we expect that sooner or later Sony will decide not to produce its current PS4 anymore; even the best-selling console of all time (PlayStation 2) was decommissioned at some point …

What is bizarre is how Microsoft no longer wants to make current products when the Xbox Series X has yet to hit the market. The debut is scheduled for the month of November (or December) in time for the Christmas holidays. A company spokesman explained this indiscretion that is leaking on the web to the well-known American portal The Verge:

As we head into the future with Xbox Series X, we are taking the natural step to stop production on Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

Obviously, this is not the “end” of the “old” generation line-up. Microsoft will continue to manufacture and sell the Xbox One S, together with the future next-gen.

In the US, the big surge in hardware demand starting in March has led to a number of SKUs across mfgs to sell out. Makes sense to let them stay sold out and focus replen on a smaller number of SKUs leading into next-gen. So if you wanted a deal on PS4/Xone this summer… sorry.

— Mat Piscatella (@MatPiscatella) July 16, 2020

According to what emerges from the notes of The Verge, this decision comes after a period of hardware shortage, due to a difficult scenario caused by the pandemic of CoVid-19. In recent months, not only the main consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been difficult to find due to high demand from users, but production in the plants has also suffered a drastic slowdown due to government lockdowns.

Indeed, the pandemic could be (in part) responsible for this choice by the American company. As Mat Piscatella of the NPS group points out in the tweet shared on the popular social network, the increase in demand which was witnessed at the beginning of March brought big sales; channeling – in this direction – the focus on the Xbox Series X, the company hopes to repeat the success of these months with the introduction of the next-gen and the exclusive ones coming soon.

If you are looking for an Xbox One X or One S All-Digital, hurry up and buy it. In the coming months, these two consoles will become nowhere to be found!

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