Lenovo Legion: the smartphone shows up on AnTuTu

According to what reported by the AnTuTu portal, the new gaming phone belonging to Lenovo Legion should have the Snapdragon 865+ SoC.

Lenovo Legion the smartphone shows up on AnTuTu

The new smartphone belonging to Lenovo’s Legion division has just been spotted at the AnTuTu benchmarking portal; from the site, we can see some of the technical features of the new Chinese giant flagship gaming.

Lenovo Legion Moba: as powerful as ever

Among all the new device specifications, we mention the FullHD + display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels; the model number found on AnTuTu is L79031. From the portal, you can also note the 16 GB RAM module and the 512 GB internal storage. The interesting thing about the new Lenovo Legion smartphone codenamed “Moba” is that the onboard processor seems to be an overclocked version of the Snapdragon 865. In fact, the high-performance cluster here has a 3.09 GHz clock, while normally its frequency stands at 2.84 GHz. Everything suggests, therefore, the insertion of the new SD 865+, but for now, we do not have an official report on the part of Qualcomm.

Lenovo Legion the smartphone shows up on AnTuTu

In tests, Lenovo Legion Moba scored 648,871 points overall; According to AnTuTu, the CPU performance seems to be the same as with the SD 865, but there seems to be a 13% improvement in the GPU and this may make sense, considering that it is a product intended for gaming. Furthermore, with such a high UX score, AnTuTu speculates that the display can support the 144 Hz refresh rate.

Based on these scores, the Chinese website also believes that the new smartphone uses UFS 3.1 memory and LPDDR5 type RAM. Once again, we invite you to take the aforementioned news with due caution.

Aesthetically, the device has already shown itself in the eyes of the fans; we note a double camera centered in the center of the device and a pop-up selfie cam placed along with the side profile (in all likelihood this asset is designed for horizontal use of the device, suitable for long gaming sessions).

The user interface will be based on Android 10 but customized by Lenovo Legion with a special focus reserved for gaming. Finally, we mention the 90W fast-charge “flash”, a double linear vibration motor, and a double USB-C port.

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