iPhone 12: support for sub-6GHz and mmWave networks

According to a DigiTimes report, it appears that Apple may eliminate support for mmWave networks for its iPhone 13 line.

iPhone 12 support for sub-6GHz and mmWave networks

According to what has been leaked on the net in these hours, it seems that iPhone 12 will support sub-6GHz and mmWave networks, but Apple may have different plans for the iPhone 13 of 2021.

iPhone 13 without 5G networks in some regions?

According to the new report provided by DigiTimes, the Cupertino company would be considering supporting only one of the two 5G technologies in its 2021 iPhone range. According to some industry sources in Taiwan:

The Apple series of iPhone 2020 will work on sub-6GHz and millimeter-wave 5G networks, but the supplier is planning to eliminate one of the two possibilities in its iPhones that will be released in some specific markets next year.

As MacRumors explains, Apple could choose a similar option because many regions of the world are implementing a single technology between the two on the market. By eliminating support for mmWave networks, the American giant could save on production costs:

All iPhones 2020 is expected to have the same hardware modem that supports all 5G bands, but Apple could disable mmWave in countries where it is not operating or completely disable 5G in countries without 5G networks to reduce production costs. The DigiTimes report suggests that iPhones 2021 may perhaps have different hardware that only supports one network, but we will have to wait to see what the developments with iPhones 2020 will be to get a better picture of what we can expect from the 2021 line-up. The rumors I’m a little confused right now.

It is rumored that Apple has potentially omitted the 5G modem from the basic model of the iPhone 12 from 5.4 “and from 6.1”, reserving the technology for the ultra-fast feature of only the “Pro” variants. While this makes sense, it may be strange for the company to create a piecemeal approach to a technology that is already present in a new generation’s international iPhone. We’ll see.

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