iPhone 12 Pro: online event for September 8

According to what has emerged in these online hours, it seems that Apple wants to present the new 2020 products in an online event on September 8th.

iPhone 12 Pro online event for September 8

From what emerges following some leaks, it seems that Apple has scheduled an online event for September 8, in which it will announce the range of iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6, and the future entry-level iPad next-gen . The same source that said this, claims to have found the pre-order and shipping dates of each product on the web. Obviously, we invite you to take it all with the necessary distances and “with a pinch of salt”.

Apple: when will we see iPhone 12 on the shelves?

After the Cupertino company unveils the new iPad and Apple Watch Series 6 on Tuesday, September 8, it appears that it can open pre-orders on September 11. Customers should, therefore, receive the aforementioned products by the 18th of the same month. This roadmap would fall within those foreseen by the rumors previously leaked, aligning in fact with what happened last year with the Apple Watch Series 5.

Obviously, the highlight of the presentation will concern the future series of iPhone 12; due to the impact of the health crisis on the world economy, however, the models will not be shipped at the same time as the announcement (thus returning to the modalities of the iPhones of a few years ago). The cheapest flagships ( iPhone 12 and 12 Max ) will be the first to arrive “on the shelves”; reportedly, the company will open pre-orders on October 2 with shipments starting on the 9th of the month. Prices, however, should be around 649 and 749 dollars.

Anyone interested in premium variants ( iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max ) instead, may have to wait longer than necessary. Shipments are expected to arrive after October 23, with pre-orders starting on the 16th of the same month.

Recall that the last time Apple released an iPhone in late October occurred in 2018 with the iPhone XR, due to some delays due to the full-screen LCD display. The price of the “Pro” models is expected to cost 999 and 1099 dollars respectively.

But the AirTower and AirTag? Of the smart devices that have been talked about for months, nothing is known yet, but it seems that we could know them within the next autumn keynote. Stay connected with us to stay updated on the latest news.

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