Check out a first unofficial image that shows the design of the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, having a wraparound surround screen and high-level features.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has just been spotted online; from the first unofficial image, it seems that the device presents a “surround” screen (enveloping) with innovative technologies and a design reminiscent of that of the Mi Mix Alpha, the wonderful concept-phone of the Chinese giant presented last year.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: 120 Hz surround screen?

Fans of the Mi Mix series look forward to the new model; in the past, the range of products of the Mi Mix family has met with considerable success due to hardware, aesthetic and innovative solutions that are futuristic compared to the market of the time.

From the leaked image, however, we note how the hypothetical new smartphone of the company presents a design with a wraparound screen at 180 degrees, similar to that seen on the Mi Mix Alpha. To put it better, the device uses an advanced and updated version of the iconic waterfall screen of the company’s prototype product.

According to what can be seen from the photo and what online sources say, the new flagship should have an ultra-wide lens with 40 Megapixel resolution for the front camera. It is not known whether the selfie cam will enjoy the new technology under the screen or if it will be allocated in a photo inside the panel.

We hope that on such a product having a surround screen, such a feature can be found. According to the patents, the screen using the front camera would become transparent, thus allowing the light to enter completely, producing crisp and high-quality images. The display, according to what the latest Xiaomi rumors claim, could have features such as low reflection and high light transmission.

On the other hand, there would be a photographic module with a rectangular shape, with the main sensor of 150 Megapixel, a wide-angle, a super macro of 20 Mpx, a tele with composite zoom 120X and a ToF scanner.

It is interesting to note that some previous reports claim that Mi Mix 4 will be supplied with an AMOLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The indiscretions promise well; we may find ourselves faced with a unique and iconic product of its kind, as well as – objectively – beautiful.

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