Vivo X50, the series is official: all the details

Recently, Vivo has announced its x50 family X50, X50 Pro, and X50 pro+. well, all these phones running in trend due to their gimbal camera feature. The gimbal camera is made up of voice coil motor, double S type FPC  line, TFPC magnetic form, and protective core with suspension dual ball . after the Samsung phone the Vivo X series phone have that much thinner phone which is about that is also a making controversial to this phone.

lets first talk about X50pro + 

Vivo X50, the series is official: all the details

People curious about this phone because of this gimbal camera feature. the camera has hybrid technology.  which can zoom the images and videos up to 60 hybrids. the sensor is about 8 megapixel with 120 ° field of view . after Samsung now Vivo company make the first sensor that allows Tetracell combines with ISOCELL (1.2-micron pixel and virtual 2.4-micron pixel ) talking about tracking video and images camera have night mode for shoot the images and video in the night .this function is done by motion deblur algorithm and continuously focus tracking.  optical magnification comes with a 5x magnified lense measuring about 135mm. apart from the camera feature, the display is measuring about 6.56 inches with an OLED display with snapdragon 865. refreshment rate is about 120Hz. the fast charging occupied in 4315wAh battery. zooming features is about 2x for 2.5cm away from the object. 

vivoX50 pro 

Vivo X50, the series is official: all the details

This Vivo X series model also has a gimbal camera feature that is present in the center region of the backside on the phone known for its best tracking video support. the camera comes with a 48-megapixel sensor with IM×598. if we talk about selfie camera is of 32 megapixels with focal length 12.5 aperture . for enhancing the zooming rate focal length consists 3.4 aperture. the screen is curved on both the side with snapdragon 7656 chipsets. resolution power the same as their sibling 1080×2376px. it also has Samsung ISOCELL GN  with tetra cell for autofocusing. perhaps the charging is about 33 W.   


Vivo X50, the series is official: all the details

As same as their brothers, this x series also have a gimbal camera which is a selling point of this x series family. connectivity comes with a 5G phone. one of the interesting features is their thickness which makes the phone thinner which about 7.49mm. the feature is almost the same as display AMOLED with 6 . 56 inches with resolution power 1080×2376. the upfront side has a punch hole camera which is about 32 megapixels. the difference comes in a zooming aperture. X50 has focal length 2.48 on the backside of the phone with a 48-megapixel sensor with a focal length of 1.6  aperture. ultra-wide-angle comes with 13megapixel  and telephoto also comes with 13 megapixels. battery about 4200 mAh 33 W.

Price and availability

Smartphones are currently reserved for the Chinese market only. Here are the prices and availability divided by memory cut (RAM / internal storage):

  • vivo X5o : 8 / 128GB at $ 490 per change, 8 / 256GB at $ 550 per change; available from June 6 in black, pink and blue;
  • vivo X50 Pro : 8 / 128GB at $ 600, 8 / 256GB at $ 660; available in black and blue from June 12;
  • vivo X50 Pro + : 8 / 128GB at $ 700, 8 / 256GB at $ 770 and 12 / 256GB at $ 840; available from July in blue, black and a third color still unknown.
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