OPPO could soon launch a smart TV

According to what emerges from a document recently shared by OPPO, it seems that the company wants to produce smart TVs in the near future.

OPPO is a well-known Chinese manufacturer known all over the globe thanks to the quality of its products; the company is famous for the creation of excellent, complete, innovative devices offered at a competitive price. In the last year, it has expanded its product catalog with the introduction of TWS headphones, smartwatches, wearables, modems, 5G headsets, and more. 

From what emerges from a post leaked on Weibo, it seems that the company may soon venture into the production of smart TVs. We already got to know Oppo’s strategy last year, during the Oppo Inno Day conference held in China; the company had in fact presented many products that would arrive soon for worldwide purchase. Some of these are already on the market, while others are in the pipeline.

OPPO: in the future cheap 5G products and smart TVs

The day after the launch of the family of smartphones belonging to the Reno 4 series, Oppo shared a celebratory image for the first anniversary of the first 5G product launched in China. The document that emerged includes the major results achieved by Oppo with 5G technology. In the lower part of the image you can see an interesting product; the company is likely to soon launch a new generation smart TV.

OPPO could soon launch a smart TV

Speaking of TV, OPPO is not the first and only Chinese smartphone manufacturer to sell them; Xiaomi has been doing this for about a year, and OnePlus and Realme have recently had their own line of smart TVs too. Pete Lau’s company presented the $ 200 economic TV in India a short time ago and, thanks to the sharing of resources and production structures between OPPO, OnePlus, and Realme, it will be easy for any company in the brand to develop new products in the sector.

OPPO could soon launch a smart TV

However, the launch date of the first line of smart TV OPPO is unknown; however, it is legitimate to hypothesize a soft launch in China and India; we hope to see global marketing soon.

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