Microsoft Surface Duo: Android 11 is in the air

Yes, Microsoft Surface Duo has yet to be commercialized, but this does not mean that it is not the time to think about the arrival of Android 11.

Microsoft Surface Duo Android 11 is in the air

Android 11 will arrive on  Microsoft Surface Duo, which you still cannot see live or touch. The development has already started.

Microsoft Surface Duo will be updated to Android 11

And we would miss it, we would think, considering the particular history of this device. The charming dual display smartphone will not have Android 11 already at launch, the device will arrive equipped with the version 10 of the OS of the green robot, but it seems it is destined to receive the major update only a handful of weeks later.

A truly bizarre story those of Surface Duo, which for Microsoft should represent the return to bomb in the smartphone sector, after the sunset of Windows Phone. The premises are all there: an Android smartphone, an innovative device with two screens. Yes, pity, however, that it would be necessary to set foot on the accelerator and try to anticipate the marketing of a device that, at the time of launch, was already equipped with hardware that would shortly have been dated.

However, it is known that software has a heavyweight when it comes to evaluating the performance of a device and, on that of Surface Duo, Microsoft is working hard: the goal is to obtain the perfect user interface, capable of allowing you to make the most of the two displays. The terminal certainly remains one of the most interesting known last year, we are pretty sure that – regardless of the data sheet – there will be many users willing to buy it, provided that the price is not (too) high.

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