Apple Watch Series 6: no MicroLED display, it seems

Apple Watch Series 6: no MicroLED display, it seems
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No MicroLED displays in future Apple Watch Series 6, they will have the same OLED panels already seen on Series 5 and on the latest iPhones.

It seems that the expected Apple Watch Series 6 will not come out with the much-rumored MicroLED Display but will be equipped with the same OLED panel already present in the models currently on the market.

According to a Twitter user, this @ L0vetodream, in fact, the future range of wearables from the Cupertino house will be equipped with the same screen produced by JDI.

in my dream the Apple Watch S6 will continue use the display from JDI

— 有没有搞措 (@L0vetodream) May 31, 2020

The production of these new MicroLED displays began a few months ago in a secret Apple company present in Santa Clara, where some samples of these new screens are being produced which will be the follow-up to the OLEDs.

This new production will allow producing devices with a very compact design, brighter and with reduced battery consumption.

Although initially, it seemed that the new Apple Watches were to come out with MicroLED screens, however, this technology is not yet fully mature for commercialization. Another reason that makes us exclude the presence of these displays is certainly the recent $ 200 million investment made by the Cupertino company to intensify the production of OLED panels currently present in both Apple Watches and iPhones.

What do we know about future Apple Watches?

Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to have superior performance than previous models, improved water resistance, and a network card that should ensure a higher and more stable connection speed.

Also, as we mentioned in this article, upcoming wearables may be able to monitor incoming panic attacks and track the level of oxygen in the blood.

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