Android TV: does Voice Match arrive on Assistant

From the analysis of the latest “Google Search” app, it emerged that Google is working to bring the Voice Match function to Android TV.

Android TV does Voice Match arrive on Assistant

According to what emerges from the Web, it seems that Google with Android TV wants to provide the integration of Voice Match with Assistant, according to what is shown by the last update of the “Google Search” app for the operating system designed for set-up boxes, smart TV and much more.

Android TV: increasingly functional and customizable

In the past, Google Assistant was integrated into Android TV, with most remote controls offering a dedicated Assistant button and devices that enjoyed “Okay Google” support.

According to the latest decompiled version of the application via APK Insight, 9to5Google colleagues have managed to see the different lines of code within the software for possible future features. Google could bring (as it could change its mind) these features on the next smart home products, therefore we invite you to take the aforementioned news with the necessary precautions.

In the past few hours, a very important update has been launched for the Google Search app on Android TV; the application went from 3.14.2 to 4.2.0. From the analysis of the software it is noted that Google is working on Assistant to better integrate it with Home on AndroidTV.

For Assistant devices shared as smart displays or smart speakers, Google uses the Voice Match option to differentiate a voice from those of other users in the home. On the contrary, on Android TV, the virtual assistant of the Mountain View giant allows anyone connected to interact to manage the request.

This feature could be useful with access to the Netflix profile or for starting on Stadia, for example. We list below the code strings about it leaked in the APK of the app:

  •  <string name = “voice_match_setup_screen_title”> Activate Voice Match on this TV </string>
  • <string name = “voice_match_setup_screen_description_1 ″>” Your assistant can already recognize you by your voice and distinguish you from others.

To eventually remove Voice Match, simply delete it from the assistant settings, going to “</ String>.

To the moment we do not know if this will be done in anticipation of the Android TV dongle with the code name ” Sabrina ” or if it is more designed for devices such as JBL Link Bar, which perform both the function of a smart speaker and Android TV. However, we are excited to see Google’s progress in making Android TV more interactive and customized to everyone’s needs.

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