The Design Details of the Ace 2 EVA That Oppo Hasn’t Introduced Yet

Images of EVA, a special version of the Ace 2 model, which Oppo recently announced, have appeared. The shared images clearly show what the back of the phone will look like, while it does not offer a hint about other details.

Oppo, one of the most popular names in the smartphone industry lately, does its best to consolidate its position in the industry. The company tries to appeal to all consumers with both the smartphones it releases and the PR works it does. Now there is a new but confusing development on the Oppo front.

Oppo recently appeared to consumers with a new smartphone model called Ace 2. At that time, it was stated that this model, which has impressive features, will have a limited-edition special version. Now, the design of this special version called ” EVA ” has emerged.

Oppo Ace 2 EVA looks like this

The Design Details of the Ace 2 EVA That Oppo Hasn't Introduced Yet

Oppo Vice President Shen Yiren officially announced EVA in a statement made in China’s social media Weibo. However, a detail about the smartphone was not mentioned either during the launch or in Yiren’s comments. Now the shared image reveals how this smartphone will look.

There are some details we still do not know about the technical specifications of the Ace 2 EVA, which we expect Oppo to announce in the near future. In fact, this particular version is not expected to contain any hardware differences with the regular version of Ace 2, but the company can still make some minor changes to the special version phone.

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