Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Processor Exynos 992 Ready for Mass Production

Samsung has been developing a 5nm processor with EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) technology for the past few months. Reports from South Korea reveal that the manufacturer is ready to start mass production. ZDNet stated that Samsung will call its new processor Exynos 992 and will be the processor of the Galaxy Note 20 smartphone, which will be introduced in August.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Processor "Exynos 992" Ready for Mass Production

Samsung Exynos 992 Processor Features

Samsung’s new mobile processor will be the Exynos 992 that goes through the 5nm manufacturing process, and the first smartphone with the Exynos 992 processor will be the Galaxy Note 20 series. Overseas models will likely use the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Returning to the Exynos 992 processor, the 5nm EUV processor will use ARM’s Cortex-A78 CPU core and Mali-G78 GPU architecture. 

Theoretically, it means the processor will run 20 percent more efficiently compared to the existing Cortex-A77 in Exynos 990, delivering 25 percent better performance than the graphics unit Mali-G77. ARM has confirmed that Cortex-A78 will be used in chips, which has also gone through a 5nm production process developed by the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing company ( TSMC ).

Galaxy Note20 to Be the First Phone with Exynos 992 Processor
The only phone with the Samsung Exynos 992 processor may be the Galaxy Note20. It will be officially introduced in August, and in September, before the release of iPhones, more detailed information will come before the Galaxy Note 20 launch, which we can have, we will be sharing with you.

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