Samsung announced with Intel Lakefield chipset based Galaxy Book S

Samsung announced with Intel Lakefield chipset based Galaxy Book S

Last week, Samsung disclose an Intel-powered model of Galaxy Book S. Releasing date of the Galaxy book S has not yet been officially defined. Newly introduce an intel-Samsung Galaxy book spotted on Samsung’s Canadian website.

The model has a Lakefield chipset with 8GB LPDRA×RAM with intel hybrid technology. The book is lighter in weight i.e weight of the device is 950 grams (2.09)pounds and widest as 11.8mm and the thickness is 6.2 mm. The book is available in two different colors like grey and gold. 

Connectivity of Galaxy Book comes with wifi 6 (gig+).with window 10 home or pro with 8cx Snapdragon chipset. The full display measuring about 13.3″ with an LCD touchscreen. The web camera is 1 mp. The USB ports are of two types i.e headphone(3.5mm)/ microphone combo jack. The micro SD slot is of 1TB card. 

The memory storage is 256GB or 512GB of eUFS memory storage. The battery of Book S is 42wh which can be frequently used around 17 hours. Microsoft connectivity with an android smartphone to carry out all the notifications.

The galaxy book S posses quad stereo speakers, and also have a fingerprint scanner. The Bluetooth connectivity is 5.0 The model also supports the LTE. The cost of intel power galaxy book s is £999.99. The book will be available in coming June and shipping date is 12th of June

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