iPhone 12s are over in line with the iPhone 13 series; here are the first details!

While the iPhone 12  family, which will come from the technology giant Apple at the end of the summer, is not on the agenda, sources are already talking for the iPhone 13.  

iPhone 12s are over in line with the iPhone 13 series; here are the first details!

Four new iPhone 12 models are coming from Apple in late summer. While these models are often on the agenda, now surprisingly, the first information from the iPhone 13 series, which will be introduced at the end of 2021, has come. A source that previously made a sound and accurate leaks has shared the initial information about the camera system to be placed behind the Pros in the 13 series and the drawing you see below. 

According to this drawing, Pro models of 2021 will carry a quad-camera setup behind them. It is said that the rear setup of the phones that will have LiDAR browser will be exactly like this: -64-megapixel wide-angle lens (1x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom) -40 megapixel telephoto lens (3x-5x optical zoom and 15-20x digital zoom) -64 megapixel anformic lens (Especially for video) -40 megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens (Optical reverse zoom?) -LiDAR 4.0 scanner, Of course, it is hard to believe this iPhone 13 information for now. 

More changes will be made on these. However, the drawing below is highly accurate. Apple’s rear camera design will not change in 2021. Time will show how accurate the other technical details will be. Meanwhile, it is said that Apple will not use any charge inputs on iPhone 13s as additional information. 

iPhone 12s are over in line with the iPhone 13 series; here are the first details!

While the iPhone 13 leak draws attention, the things to know for the iPhone 12 family are as follows: 

The iPhone 12 features a 5,4-inch OLED display from 2348 × 1084 pixels 476 PPI Samsung and a 12- inch 2540 × 1174 pixels 460 PPI LG Display / BOE production 6.1-inch OLED display. These screens have a refresh rate of 60 Hz and offer an 8-bit color depth. On the pro side, the 12 Pro model features a 6.1-inch 2540 × 1174 pixel 460 PPI Samsung 10-bit OLED display, while the 12 Pro Max is on the way with a 2785 × 1293-pixel 459 PPI 6.7-inch Samsung 10-bit OLED display. The screens in the Pros offer 10-bit color depth and 120 Hz refresh. 

Power of 5 nm A14 Bionic 12 of the phone will be the processor 12 Max 4 GB, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max is 6 GB of RAM will put Apple, 12 in 256 GB Pro with 512GB ‘a trying enough to provide storage. Sources say that the basic storage option of the new series will be 128 GB, and iPhone 12s have an aluminum case and iPhone 12 Pro has a stainless steel case. Behind the iPhone 12 is a dual camera. In 12 Pro’s, a triple camera + LiDAR scanner is waiting for us. 

By price, people will have to pay at least $ 649 to reach the iPhone 12 at the end of the summer. It is stated that Apple will charge $ 749 for the 12 Max model. The iPhone 12 Pro, which makes the debut of the “Pro” models, is said to start at $ 999. The top giant model, 12 Pro Max, is announced to have an initial price of $ 1,099. 

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