iPhone 12 Pro Leak ‘Confirms’ 120Hz ProMotion Display and More

iPhone 12 Pro Leak ‘Confirms’ 120Hz ProMotion Display and More

A huge leak was made from the tech giant Apple towards the iPhone 12  family, which will come in late summer. This Pro models in the leak of the center are. As it is now clear from Apple, four different iPhone 12 models are coming in late summer. 

Here are Pro models of this family that definitely come with 120 Hz ProMotion OLED screen (6.1 inch and 6.7 inch). In other words, the phones that will offer a very, very fluid experience will attract a lot of attention in this respect and will also catch the market. The Pro iPhones of 2020, which are said to operate dynamically, that is, can change automatically between 60 Hz and 120 Hz, will increase the battery capacity considerably in order to support 120 Hz. Here, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is said to exceed 4,400 mAh. 

The phones, which will carry a smaller notch compared to now, are more advanced / faster / safer here. It seems to offer Face ID. This, of course, is among the beautiful details. The first model to Pro 2020 Pro iPad, located in lidar to put it in the browser and in portrait mode called in to use Apple, but also Smart HDR is done to improve the infrastructure explanation. 

As far as it is said, the new version is ambitious about reducing noise in low light environments. The technology giant, which has been transferred to the telephoto lens at the level of 2x 3x optical zoom, creates the impression that it will make a lot of noise with its new models, especially the Pro series.

How much will the iPhone 12 family be sold? 

The new family will start at $ 649, according to Jon Prosser, a solid source for Apple. So people will have to pay at least $ 649 to get to the iPhone 12. It is stated that Apple will charge $ 749 for the 12 Max model. The iPhone 12 Pro, which makes the debut of the “Pro” models, is said to start at $ 999. The top giant model, 12 Pro Max, is announced to have an initial price of $ 1,099. 


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