Hackers release a new jailbreak that unlocks every iPhone

A jailbreak has been released on all iPhones above iOS and 11, including the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS, iOS 13.5. Apple has not yet released a security update for vulnerable jailbreaker uses.

Apple, one of the leading companies in the technology sector, advances the curriculum in the field with new technologies that it offers every year and ways to solve existing problems. Besides, Apple only allows users to make certain predefined changes to operating systems and electronic devices with these operating systems.

Users who are tired of these restrictions, which Apple has implemented, and want to use their settings on their devices, perform a process called jailbreak. This type of access, which removes restrictions imposed by Apple, leaves the user in control of the device.

A jailbreak was released on all iOS 11 and iPhones.

Hackers release a new jailbreak that unlocks every iPhone

A well-known group of hackers, who have previously done great work on iPhones, have released a new jailbreak tool that works on all iPhones iOS 11 and above. Published by the group, which was published without anonymity, also draws attention from its running in the latest version of iOS 13.5.

Although it is not yet known whether the software vulnerability that the hacking team found and access to the jailbreak is unknown, it is expected to appear in the coming days, as it and such hacker groups to detect vulnerabilities Looking for a way out. iOS infiltrates the operating system and operating system, while Apple is detecting these vulnerabilities and immediately. Hibernates to post a security update.

Jailbreak is not safe to use

What do security experts say; Since jailbreaking has made some changes within the device’s operating system, it also opens the door to new weaknesses. The release of Jailbreaking covering the latest iOS version was not good at all after Apple received negative reviews regarding security.

The week we were, a group of hackers announced that they had an early version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 14, which had not surfaced months before.

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