Google Duo: new effects with family mode

Big G adds important new features to the Google Duo app, including the family mode that enriches video calls with special effects.

 Google Duo: new effects with family mode

The new update of Google Duo, the video calls and mobile chat application developed by Google, available on Android and iOS operating systems, the app adds key new features, including family mode. This is a major new update that follows the others released by the web giant in the last two months, reflecting the fact that Google believes a lot in the future of this app and has big plans for it. Good things about the Google Duo app include the fact that calls are end-to-end encrypted and therefore remain private.

Google Duo: what’s new

The latest Google Duo update brings with it a handful of new features that will help users connect with loved ones during these difficult times, starting with the family mode that allows Google Duo users to “doodle” during video calls. Basically, the new feature allows you to insert various nice effects during video calls, so as to make them more animated and fun.

To take advantage of the new functionality, just start a video call, touch the menu icon and select Family to start scribbling, insert masks, and other effects. The new family mode will be available to everyone by the end of the week and will be immediately visible the first time you log in to Google Duo with your Google account.

Google announces that it will extend the possibility of inserting effects of this type to all one-to-one video calls on Android and iOS, starting this week, characterized above all by the Mother’s Day effect. Big G’s idea is to offer new ways to express yourself and show your emotions even from a distance. Google also announced that in the following weeks’ Google Duo will also be enriched with new effects and masks.

As for the web version of Duo, Google plans to add the ability to make group calls even from a browser. The novelty will debut together with a new layout for the web version that will allow you to see multiple people at the same time. You can also invite anyone with a Google Account to join a group call via a link.

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