Apple Glass AR: Steve Jobs Heritage Edition

A couple of very special edition Apple Glasses dedicated to Steve Jobs: a fan of the bitten apple could not ask for more.

Apple Glass AR: Steve Jobs Heritage Edition
image:Sebastian Errazuriz

It appears that Apple is working on a limited edition of its smart glasses in augmented reality, in order to create a product similar in all respects to the round bezel-less glasses that Steve Jobs used to wear.

Apple Glass: Jon Prosser reveals new details

The news comes to us from Jon Prosser, through his show on YouTube, Front Page Tech; in the last video, he mentioned the details about it coming from the Cult of Mac podcast. According to Prosser, the ” Steve Jobs Hermitage ” version of Apple’s smart glasses will be very similar to what was the “Gold” edition of the Apple Watch at the official launch in 2015. The man clearly stated:

They are also working on a prototype, an unpublished “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition”, very similar to the $ 10,000 gold edition that we saw at the launch of the “Apple Watch” Edition. Some people like the tribute to Steve Jobs, so the marketing ploy makes sense in this direction.

According to the founder of Front Tech Page, the famous Apple Glass will arrive in a wide range of styles, including the “Heritage Edition”, placed as a special version available for a limited time. However, the materials with which it will be produced are unknown, as is the final sale price.

Jon Prosser also claimed to have seen a prototype version of the Glass (obviously a consumer model and not “SE”, special edition) and called them ” elegant as hell “, a very pictorial comparison, no doubt about it.

The new Glasses will look like a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers or the glasses worn by the current Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Both models will enjoy special displays and not “projectors” aimed at depicting images. Prosser points out that Apple is using in-display technology and that they will be made to look like classic products, while not being it.

The idea is to recreate the same concept had with the Apple Watch, that is, a simple but innovative product but capable of evolving over the years.

They will be called Apple Glass and may have a starting selling price of $ 499; there will also be the possibility of inserting prescription lenses at an additional cost.

According to the latest rumors, the Cupertino company may want to unveil the glasses as a surprise in pure ” One More Thing ” style, combined with the iPhone event next autumn, although the announcement may have been moved to March 2021 due to the current world health crisis.

Do I even need to say that this (along with the rest of the Apple AR glasses stories in the past week) is complete fiction?

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) May 21, 2020

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