Samsung would be developing 250MP sensors, says rumor

Samsung would be developing 250MP sensors, says rumor
Credits: Samsung

The Samsung is investing heavily in sensors to equip its future smartphones, since the presentation of the 48MP sensor the company has made a climb, reaching 108MP present in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Recently, it announced plans to develop a sensor of up to 600MP, but it must first go through sensors of 150MP and 250MP, according to information from a new rumor direct from China.

Samsung would be developing 250MP sensors, says rumor
Credits: WCCFTech

A report indicates that the company has already completed the production stage of 150MP ISOCELL sensors and has started to develop 250MP sensors. There are still no details on the size of the project for the 250MP, but it can reach an inch or even larger, something that should hamper its implementation in thin smartphones line tops.

As it is still in recent stages of production, news coming from the company itself may still be delayed, perhaps only next year. About the 150MP piece, it seems that Xiaomi will be the first company to use it on their smartphones, a top of the line, according to rumors. The Chinese company is expected to introduce a phone with this camera capability later this year.

OPPO and Vivo would also be in line and would present smartphones with powerful cameras, but these brands only in 2021. This year’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy Fold devices are expected with 108MP cameras.

The development of these sensors are the first steps towards what Samsung intends, the company said recently that it is working to develop a piece capable of capturing more details than the human eye. 

Yongin Park, head of Samsung’s sensor business team, has revealed plans to implement 600MP sensors in the future. As the company has been a pioneer in the development of this type of technology, it is not unlikely that it will be able to achieve this feat someday, but that does not mean that it will soon.


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