Samsung Galaxy Watch can measure user’s blood pressure

Samsung Galaxy Watch can measure user's blood pressure

The evolved smartwatches ram in recent years, now offering features ranging from simple monitoring of physical activities to monitoring heart rate and level of oxygen in the blood.

Samsung announced this week that its line of smartwatches Galaxy Watch now is able to monitor the blood pressure of users. One detail is that it will first be necessary to calibrate the initial measurement of the watch with an autonomous blood pressure monitor (or sphygmomanometer).

The video below released by Samsung on its official YouTube channel shows how to perform the procedure. First, you have to make sure that your watch is properly fitted to your non-dominant wrist. Then, use the blood pressure monitor cuff on the other arm. As soon as you start measuring with the monitor, your watch will also automatically start measuring your blood pressure.

After the watch completes the measurement, you can enter the result of the monitor on your phone. You will have to take two more measurements before the calibration is complete. Only then can you use the watch to measure your blood pressure with the watch at any time. Samsung recommends that users recalibrate the watch every four weeks to ensure accuracy.

Samsung Galaxy Watch can measure user's blood pressure


With the Samsung Health Monitor app installed on your smartphone, you will be able to monitor your different blood pressure readings over a period of time, as the recorded measurements will be synchronized with the watch. 

The company has agreed that the Health Monitor app will be available for Galaxy Watch Active2 from the third quarter of 2020  and then it will be made available for future new models. The application has already been approved by the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Security for the Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) category.


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