Samsung Galaxy S21 can bring even more screen with front camera under the display

Good news for those waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S21 to switch phones, and bad news for those looking forward to the Galaxy Note 20.

Rumors that come directly from the insider Ice Universe point out that Samsung is promoting an internal study to trace the viability of the 2021 Galaxy S to bring a hidden selfie camera on the screen. This would be the next technological leap for South Korean, but it also means that the manufacturer does not plan to implement the feature on the Galaxy Note 20.

So, unless you have a very well hidden card up your sleeve – something almost impossible in terms of Samsung, since everything leaks from it – the Note line this year should once again offer a very discreet upgrade compared to the S line, putting as main novelty to the updated hardware the support to S-Pen.

Samsung Galaxy S21 can bring even more screen with front camera under the display

In any case, the new coronavirus pandemic points out that the cell phone market may not undergo major changes even in 2020 since the trend is for sales below expectations and operational difficulties in factories.

If you even implement the camera under the display in your top of the line from 2021, Samsung will show that it has not surrendered to all the trends followed by the mobile device companies. She took a long time to surrender to notch cameras, for example, and may end up skipping the fashion of retractable cameras.

The most amazing way she has tried to implement a selfie camera so far has been with the Galaxy A80, which used the same rear set for the front shots. It ended up not catching on, and we didn’t see that implementation on 2021 devices.

And you, do you think Samsung should bring more news with the Galaxy Note line, or is it enough to make it a “Galaxy S with S-Pen”? Tell us in the comments!


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