Microsoft executive shares first photo captured with foldable Surface Duo

Microsoft executive shares first photo captured with foldable Surface Duo

The Surface Duo was presented by Microsoft last year alongside the Surface Neo and, although much has been revealed by the company’s first foldable smartphone, its launch was only set for the end of the year 2020. 

But rumors began to emerge pointing out that, due to the more limited hardware and lack of support for 5G, the company would be thinking of anticipating the launch for the middle of this year to be able to work on an improved model in the coming months.

While it makes a lot of sense, there is still little evidence to confirm that the Duo will be released between May and July, and while Microsoft does not mention its plans, Panos Panay, leader of Microsoft’s Surface division, has just released the first photograph captured by the future Surface Duo.

The image shows Panos Panay’s son using a Surface Pro 7 in front of a fireplace and the executive writes that they are sharing a special moment “captured on my Surface Duo”. He also reinforces the importance of maintaining quarantine during this COVID-19 pandemic: “while I work from home, Costas is learning from home.”

The photograph also shows the technical capabilities of the Microsoft folding camera, and they seem to be sufficient in indoor settings. In the image above you can see that the software maintains the carpet texture in a decent way, but the texture of the wooden wall disappears at the same time that it merges with the back of the armchair, showing the reduced capacity in this very specific region.

Thus, we can point out that the Surface Duo should offer a camera that can handle indoor scenes, be excellent in outdoor settings, but prove to be more complicated in low light settings. It is too early to say all of this with a 100% guarantee, but news should come in the coming weeks if Microsoft is planning to anticipate the launch of the Surface Duo to the middle of 2020.


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