LG confirms changes to its upcoming smartphones

The arrival of new smartphones from LG is taken for granted, but if there is one thing that few expected it would be such a strong change in the visual identity of the next models of the brand, that it takes everyone by surprise with the announcement of the “new minimalist design language. for your next smartphone. “

Released in an official press release, LG reveals that the “visual format differs from the industry trend” and offers a “Raindrop” camera (raindrop) and symmetrically curved rear and front panels.

The manufacturer says that all cameras will be flush with the rear cover arranged in a set that “evokes images of falling raindrops”, with the three main cameras and the LED flash arranged in order of size. That way, we will have the main camera slightly bounced, the other two sensors at the glass level and the LED flash.

LG confirms changes to its upcoming smartphones
With new ‘3D Arc Design’, LG’s future smartphone will be simpler and more elegant.

“Our next smartphone will build on the rich history of classic LG designs, which have always been distinctive at the first touch,” says Vice President Cha Yong-duk, head of LG’s Mobile Communications Design Lab. “This device will be a first look at the competitive advantage that we bring to all LG smartphones going forward.”

Among the highlights is also the new “3D Arc Design”, offering symmetrical curves to provide a “natural feeling much greater than other LG phones”, allowing “less sharp edges and angles that make the phone not only more pleasing to the eye but also more pleasant to the touch. “

LG confirms changes to its upcoming smartphones
Design stands out for its use of metal, curved screen on the sides and symmetrical design.
LG has not revealed whether the new visual identity will be present on the LG G9 ThinQ, whether its well-known flagship line has indeed been downgraded to intermediate, or whether the premium design will be present in a new line announced this year or in a new model from LG V. line

There are still many questions, but all of these details are expected to come up officially in the coming weeks or months, as well as the inevitable leaks.


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