Galaxy Fold 2: triple camera and rumors about date and price

Galaxy Fold 2: triple camera and rumors about date and price

Galaxy Fold 2 will have three cameras with double optical image stabilization: Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, reports that the next Samsung folding will be equipped with a 12MP primary sensor, a 16MP wide-angle and a telephoto lens to 64MP with hybrid zoom. If this were the case, it would be significant variations compared to the 12 + 12 + 16MP solution adopted on the original model.

The information allows us to have an ever-clearer picture of what the second generation of the Fold will look like – although aware that it is still only rumors and speculations. So we should soon find ourselves in front of a device thus constituted:


  • main screen7.59 “flexible display with Ultra-Thin Glass 2213×1689, 372ppi, LTPO panel, 120Hz refresh rate
  • external secondary screen: 6.23 “2267×819 display, LTPS panel, 60Hz refresh rate, camera hole
  • support S Pen
  • SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • internal memory: 256GB ( halved compared to the original Fold, but there will also be a 512GB version)
  • connectivity5G
  • front camera: 10MP in the display hole
  • rear cameras:
    • 12MP
    • 16MP wide-angle (a novelty for Samsung, given that on S20 it is 12MP)
    • 64MP telephoto with hybrid zoom
    • ToF sensor (but the latest rumor does not mention it)
  • colorsBlue, Silver, Gold, Pink, and Black
Galaxy Fold 2: triple camera and rumors about date and price
Above and at the beginning: some renderings that imagine Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 according to the rumors that emerged

The Fold 2 could also be equipped with displays made by BOE, a company that Samsung is considering to include among its suppliers for the smartphones of the Galaxy range. It would be an important move that would reduce costs (BOE panels cost on average less than Samsung and LG).

Speaking of price, let’s go back to speculating: $ 1,780-1,980 seems to be the expected spread, slightly lower than that of the original Fold. And always the same source hypothesizes a launch in conjunction with the Galaxy Note series which, usually, is held in August ( but we must also keep in mind that this year all the certainties are skipped … ). Shipments could thus start as early as September.


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