Redmi explains the difference between battery consumption of 5G and 4G 

Redmi’s general manager, Lu Weibing, said batteries need to be 20% bigger to make up for it The general manager of the Redmi division, Lu Weibing, explained the difference in consumption that a 5G internet modem makes on a cell phone, compared to an LTE model (4G mobile internet).
Redmi explains the difference between battery consumption of 5G and 4G 
According to him, a smartphone with the new generation technology consumes 20% more battery than one that uses a modem of the previous generation. Because of this, he suggests that cell phones with 5G internet support come with 20% bigger batteries, offsetting this higher consumption. Of course, this is assuming that all other components of the smartphone are the same as the previous model – in terms of impact on battery life.
When the [Redmi] K30 Pro product was defined, we put battery life in an important position to consider. I hope that users can be confident that it [the cell phone] can be used for a day. 
Lu Weibing, general manager of Redmi In addition, Weibing stated that Qualcomm’s high-end processors (such as the Snapdragon 865) consume 20% more battery power than premium middlemen – as is the case with the Redmi K30 Pro’s Snapdragon 730G. On the Chinese social network Weibo, the general manager of Redmi also said that it was a challenge to design the Redmi K30 Pro, as it is not easy to put a motorized selfie camera and a 5G modem on the same device. In order to do this, they needed to adopt a sandwich motherboard design, which includes a fingerprint sensor under the, especially thin display. Only then was it possible to put a robust 4.700mAh battery in the device. Qualcomm has taken initiatives to reduce the energy consumption of the 5G mobile internet, but still, the technology is not at a point that pleases manufacturers. During Mobile World Congress 2019, the company launched the 5G PowerSave solution, which allowed autonomy identical to that of smartphones with Gigabit LTE technology. However, in practice, the company’s 5G modems were not as efficient as that. “High-end smartphones with 5G have a high power consumption for the following reasons. First, the consumption of Qualcomm processors in the 8 series is about 20% higher than those in the 7 series. Second, the consumption of smartphones with 5G is about 20% higher than those with 4G internet “. Lu Weibing, general manager of Redmi Via: Android Authority

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