iOS 14 should bring new home screen and more features to Apple Pencil

iOS 14 should bring new home screen and more features to Apple Pencil

Apple is expected to release a list view of apps and an API that converts handwritten text to text. Apple is still a few months away from introducing iOS 14.

But the leak of a trial version indicates what the company is working on. According to 9to5Mac, which had access to the material, the system has changes at several points, including the home screen and Apple Pencil.

The iOS 14 home screen should offer the option of viewing apps in a list, not just a grid. The new interface allows, for example, filtering apps that have unread notifications so you can spend less time finding what you need.

The tests also include smart suggestions from Siri, which show apps based on time and location. The resource can identify your habits to make recommendations, such as opening a music app when you arrive at the gym.

There is still no information on how Siri’s list view and suggestions would be integrated into the home screen we already know. It is not possible to guarantee nor that these changes will, in fact, be brought to the public. Since they were found in the development version.

The same goes for the new API that allows you to use Apple Pencil in more situations. Called PencilKit, it converts what was handwritten with the accessory to text and should be available for both native apps. Such as Messages, Notes, and Reminders, and third-party apps.

According to MacRumors, it is not clear whether the development of PencilKit has been completed. If it is not ready in time for the release of iOS 14. The features will be released in future updates due to the change in system development to reduce bugs.

iOS 14 is expected to win new applications

IOS 14 is expected to win an augmented reality app that resembles Google Lens. With it, you can aim the camera at objects and get more information about them. Apple would be working with Starbucks to re-offer the experience in the coffee chain.

The company, which already has the Activity app. Also develops a new fitness app for iOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14. While the current one gathers data on its exercises, the new one will have training videos that can be followed by users.

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