OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV

OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV

OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV


  • This TV doesn’t come with a table-top stand
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) | Motion Rate 480 Hertz
  • Connectivity: 4 HDMI ports (HDMI 2 supports ARC) to connect set-top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 3 USB port (USB 3.0*1, USB 2.0*1, USB Type C*1) to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Sound: 50 Watts Output | Alluring sound | Dolby Atmos | Full range 2 Speaker | 2 Sub-woofer
  • Smart TV Features: Built-In Wifi | Android TV | Google assistant | Oxygen OS with Android Pie (9) | RAM 3 GB | 16 GB Storage | CPU: A53*4 | OnePlus PQ Engine Gamma Color Magic | Chromecast Built-in |OxygenPlay VOD selection | Screen casting | OnePlus Connect Mobile Sync and control | Bluetooth Stereo mode | File browser(local media player)
  • Display: QLED 120% NTSC | Bezel-Less Design | Support HDR10,HDR10+,HLG decode, Dolby vision certification | Most holistic experience
  • Warranty Information: 1-year warranty provided by the brand from date of purchase + 1 Year additional Warranty for orders on or before 25-Oct-2019
  • Installation/Wall mounting/demo will be arranged by Amazon Home Services. For any other information, please contact Amazon customer support
  • Easy returns: This product is eligible for replacement/refund within 10 days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage or features not matching the description provided

OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV

(Technical Details)

Brand OnePlus
Model 55Q1IN-1
Model Name Q1 Series
Model Year 2019
Item Weight 19.5 Kg
Product Dimensions 122.4 x 5.1 x 70.6 cm
Item model number 55Q1IN-1
Ram Memory Installed Size 3 GB
Operating System Certified Android
Graphics Coprocessor Mali G51 MP3
Response Time 8 Milliseconds
Resolution 4K
Included Components 1 QLED TV, 1 Wall-mounting Bracket, 1 User Manual, 1 Warranty Card, 1 Remote Control,1 AV IN Adaptor, 1AC Cord, 1 USB Type-C cable
Number Of Items 1
Display Technology QLED
Screen Size 55 Inches
Display Type A+
Image Aspect Ratio 16:09
Image Contrast Ratio 6000:1
Supported Image Type JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, RAW
Display Resolution Maximum 3840×2160 Pixels
Supported Audio Format mp3_audio, WMA
Power Source AC
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required No
Battery Cell Composition Alkaline
Refresh Rate 60 hertz
Total Usb Ports 3
Connector Type Built-in Wi-fi
Maximum Operating Distance 9 Feet
Digital Media Format AVI, DVD-Video, MPEG, WAV, WMA
Supports Bluetooth Technology
OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV


OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV
 Now we’re going to tell you the performance of this OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV


standalone so kicking things off with the build and design oneplus has probably by far the most unique stand we have seen on a television you don’t have to feet you don’t even have a single foot at the bottom you don’t have it touching the ground like we’ve seen on Sony‘s flagship all ads what you have is a single spine held together with centre of gravity at one point on an oval stand that sits on the table it’s a really flush looking thing it’s really clean it is gonna give our TV in your house a different aesthetic appeal but here is the bummer it has very weak center of gravity now don’t get us wrong if you take any big TV 55 inch and tap on it on any edge you are gonna feel it wobble but the wobble doesn’t feel dangerous that the TV is about to fall down the oneplus TV actually moves all over the place when we tap on any corner of the screen and if you have a maid at home who’s actually gonna rub the TV to dust it you may find it ending up falling off at least that’s how we felt it if the center of gravity isn’t really strong when it comes to the stand but if you are going to wall mount the TV then you are sorted the ports are all neatly laid out behind this magnetic flap at the back left of the TV

OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV

OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV
 were four HDMI ports two USB port antennae in optical out a LAN port and an AV in but what you are missing is a 3.5 mm connectivity option which in some case can be Obama however the TV also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it’s two-way Bluetooth

OnePlus tv 55 inches 4K Certified Android QLED-BEST TV

so you could use the TV as a spare of speakers if you like if you just want to use the soundbar that comes with the TV of the speakers of the TV to listen to the audio so that is essentially the build design and connectivity moving over to the performance

 now this has a cue LED backlighting and the panel upfront is a VA panel we don’t know the maximum brightness of the panel but it is definitely higher than 500 nits as to what we can tell but we don’t know and we didn’t get the info from oneplus and time to add it out here but it does get pretty bright now the standard preset on the oneplus TV actually gets you really vivid images the colors are actually popping out something that we’ve seen on Samsung‘s or AMOLED panels on their smartphones and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re someone that likes rich colors that look like that however if you want more true to source natural colors you will have to change the preset or control the settings manually you get good options a lot of TVs don’t give you the difference between backlight and brightness
OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV

 this TV does that’s great if you are someone that knows how to control the different settings together absolute picture quality that you want or there are a large number of presets from film to the game to standard to vivid cinema home and many more the

OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV
OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV
 TV also supports Dolby vision which is a first that we’ve seen for TVs at this price point if it is at 70,000 rupees but we have seen HDR 10 enabled TVs through a wider price bracket so Dolby visions presence out here is great but speaking of Dolby visions performance if you see our sequence like altered carbon season 1 episode 7 where you have this really nice action sequence in the warehouse it is bright even the protagonist looks has this really deep shade of black when you look at him in his outfit but you can’t make out the details or there are higher-end TVs that we have tested where the colors might look a little more muted but they are more true to source and the skin tone is better on other TVs you can achieve the skin tone by going into the film of the cinema home mode but you will still lack the detail that we have seen on flagship TVs that cost about a lack a lakh 10000 rupees

so that’s something to keep in mind if you are going to consume HDR content the TV doesn’t have Netflix app built-in so we used an Xbox 1x to do that right now but the Netflix app is coming as for what or oneplus has told us when you watch a show like the Grand Tour which is also in folk and some other HDR content through the Amazon Prime videos app you get this slightly washed out of burnt-out image when it comes to HDR one plus s that this is a software issue and that they are working on fixing it so we aren’t really gonna judge it on that parameter right now when it comes to full HD content we have sequences or for example let’s say spider-man into the spite of us or you have something like Mission Impossible where you have this really nice fast chase sequence and it all looks well acceptable considering its full HD SDR content and it’s running through a native source it’s good it’s fun you can watch it it’s not a problem
OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV

 but moving on to the sound this is where the TV actually performs really well it has this really nice slide-out soundbar the durability of the soundbar is something that will come to question because how many times can it go up and down without actually creating a problem if the lights go off you do get a message which says Isis right if the lights go off for you do get a message it says that the TV didn’t pull the soundbar back in properly so that’s something to remember but it does slide out it has good punchy sound the dialogues are well audible at 75 it filled our studio with a lot of sound dialogues were clear background music was engaging even the gunshots had the right thumb – that is because it has full-range drivers as well amongst the 8 speaker layout that is a part of this TV

OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV

coming to the UI the TV is running on Android out of the box this is Android TV and not AOSP which is really really good you get access to a host of apps from the Play Store you also get access to things like built-in chromecast however, know this that when you connect an external source like an Xbox one X and if you manage to get it to work on enhanced HDMI output which is the full
bandwidth to get everything from 4k HDR settings running great and if you plan to watch any SDR content or play any SDR games you will have to reverse the entire process because it isn’t a simple click and change settings so on games like Gears 5 or even in Forza horizon which are built for 4k HDR displays it is something to behold I mean that it’s just vibrant and looks good but then again a game like doom which is an SDR you really have to backtrack and change settings to actually enjoyed because you get this oversaturated orange color if you play it in its HDR native settings moving over to a game like Gears of War now we played Gears
OnePlus tv 55 inch 4K Android QLED-BEST TV
5 on the stevie gears 5 is a new benchmark for 4k HDR Gaming and 60 frames-per-second on the Xbox 1x when you fire up the game you do have the option to check out the HDR settings by changing things like the brightness of the slider in the game that actually gives you control over HDR settings and once you’ve got that right by natively whatever the game is throwing out is actually pretty good once you fire up the game and you get and you see good beautiful lush environments you get to see a good muzzle fire when you are shooting in the game the dark environments do lack detail yes that certain dark environments in Gears 5 we thought lacked the detail that we would have seen on a higher-end TV but the fact that the overall presentation looks really nice and vivid you can of course change from game mode to any other mode if you would like to change the backlight settings or the color settings to suit a better visual fidelity but yes the game mode does really do just as quite well it isn’t the best that we’ve seen but it is definitely up there with just some loss of detail in the darkness for the horizon, on the other hand, has a sunset environment it is slightly muted in the terms of the environments that you have but you do have the lushness of the green environments
the car looks good we are driving a silver or d out here and it looks actually pretty good if you compare it to some of the TVs we’ve tested in the past the gaming experience on this TV is good when it comes to something like doom now doom is a 4k game but it is in a standard dynamic range the previous two games we spoke about had HDR this is where things get a little messy where you have to go back into the settings of the TV and change it back to get the best optimal color for SDR what we’re gonna fuck that on the side for now and just talk about the game so the game actually runs fluidly you can see the age of a game like doom on a console which is so old with textures popping in but that is more about the game than the TV because once you get the settings of the TV right the orange looks really nice and dark like it’s supposed to look rather than this oversaturated thing you get when you fire up the game and everything is in enhanced mode so that is also one thing to consider that SDR content would look good you really have to get into the settings so there is no one setting fits all or there is no preset setting that you can actually put it on to get all kinds of content working which is where we move to the UI now this is one thing to notice when we got the Xbox working with the oneplus TV in the complete enhanced mode by enhancing the HDMI input by doing HDMI HDR output figuring all that out okay HDR content looks great but then you cannot switch back to any standard preset to watch SDR content which if you work on watch shows like yung Sheldon or spider-man into the side of us or Mission Impossible or some of the other clips that we have seen which are in Full HD
 then you really have to go and tinker around with the settings to get back to watching it SDR content well that can be annoying so there is no one setting fits all solution on the TV the rest of the UI is actually quite interesting you have Android out of the box which means you are getting some of the best app ecosystem out there on our television oneplus also has its own UI overlaid on top of Android and this reminds us a lot about how patch wall looks which essentially means that it’s putting content first so let’s say if you are going to places am on Hungama you see Shazam on your list of content out there you click on it it isn’t going to take you to the Hungama app it’s gonna start playing the content right there and then and maybe for the first time to log you and it will take you to the app but after that, you want to have the content personal service providers later which is actually really cool is something we’ve seen on the xiaomi TV we liked it there we like it here you also have an app which you can control the TV with and that’s actually a boon because you can not only control regular functionalities but you can also take screenshots and switch between apps from the comfort of the phone which is actually really good because you have this little slider that comes up all your TV compatible apps are there you just click on the app the app fires up on the TV so overall the app ecosystem is something that we really appreciate it also has nifty features like in case you got a call the volume of the TV goes down on its own so you can actually receive the call on your phone because

 coming to the next topic which is a remote control it lacks a mute button and also going down from 7080 on the volume all the way to zero does take a couple of seconds the remote control is small the best part about the remote control is that it charges over USB type-c so you really don’t need to hunt for batteries in the middle of the night but it is in the most organ Omikron or that we have tested simply because the top d-pad and the center button are buttons and not a trackpad like we’ve seen on the Apple TV remote these are physical buttons in such a case if the center of gravity was better lined if it wasn’t uniform maybe the remotes ergonomics would be better but in its current state it is then it’s the least organ Omikron what we’ve seen on a TV it’s a little cumbersome to use the volume rocker is on the side not just that to switch off the TV you have to press and hold the 1 plus button to get the detailed menu out you have to press and hold the menus button so it isn’t the most intuitive remote of let’s say your parents are going to use the TV you are going to have to give them a crash course to begin with some people in office actually did ask us where is the volume rocker which is on the side so yes the fact that you can charge the remote is great it’s a Bluetooth remote which is great but the ergonomics and the button layout should have been slightly more traditional maybe something that we’ve seen on the Apple TV remote if they wanted to give that whole d-pad touch pad type feel on the top or maybe something like how Xiaomi has done it with the slightly lower down a d-pad and center button to give better center of gravity

  so overall what would we like to say about the oneplus TV it actually all depends on the price which is something we aren’t aware of at this point oneplus has told us that the price range of the TV without the soundbar – the one with the soundbars between 70 thousand rupees and one lakh rupees now for about 70 thousand rupees there are way too many options for you to consider in the premium ranges from the likes of the Sony‘s and Samsung‘s and the LG‘s and all the other brands in the world and close to the 1 lakh rupee price point you are entering OLED territory LG has its e8 it’s b8 and it’s e8 available between the 1 to the 130 price point 1 lakh – one lakh 30 thousand rupee price point and getting on that OLED bandwagon with legacy that LG has with its OLED TVs which is pretty fantastic could be a considerable option for you

 should be an option for you to consider so this actually leaves us in a bit of a lull the 1 plus T video performance could all depends on the price it launches for 70,000 rupees and especially a lakh of rupees it is a little hard to recommend especially because at a lakh you have way too many premium options to choose from and at 70,000 rupees well for a slightly cheaper price point you can get slightly lower performing TVs but are better value for money at this point because you know there there are just too many things to consider so it all depends on the price of one Plus launches are TV close to the 50 thousand or the 60 thousand rupee price point it is definitely value for money but on the higher end of this pack you have better options to choose from so there you have it guys that were our review of the oneplus team you can always let us know what you thought of this team in the comment section below 


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